General Information

Where did Plinky come from?

Plinky is on a quest to provide the fairest, most transparent method for people to monetise websites of all shapres and sizes.

How does it work?

Add the Plinky widget to your site and links will appear that are relevant to your audience. When someone clicks on a link, we pay you 5c. Simple.

Click incentives?

Plinky can, should you choose, automatically notify you when a specific user clicks a link, so you can automically provide them a reward for doing so. We are happy to talk you though how to do this.

How do we ensure links are relevant to your audience?

It's your audience that will place the links, they may need a little inspiration from you initially, so place some of your choosing through the widget yourself to get the ball rolling.

Approving links?

You remain in control, if you want to approve your Plinky links prior to them going live on your site, then you can. Simple.


Plinky pays you monthly via PayPal, no matter how big or small the payment. Simple.


Once your account is up and running, we will happily provide you telephone support.

Technical Information

Widget Parameters

The Plinky widget that you add to your website has a number of parameters that you can alter as follows


If your users have a unique id, then provide it dynamically here otherwise keep it set to zero. The user id you provide will help ensure that users can only click on a link once. The user id will also be sent back via the callback notification to your system so that you can automatically issue the user a reward for the click through.


Advertisers that place links on your site can leave a descriptive title, you can opt to show these titles on the link but be careful, an advertiser can place a title on a link that does not correlate to the link itself. If you decide to show titles, it's best to set approval_required=true so that you can approve the title before they go live on your site.


By default, when an advertiser places a link on your site, it will go live as soon as space is available (as governed by max_links). Advertisers prefer this immediate response. You can however request to approve all links before they go live by setting approval_required=true. In this scenario, Plinky will send you an email each time a new link is set up on your site, you will then have 24 hours to reject the link should you choose to.

Callback URL

When your users click a link, Plinky can automatically send a notification via an http post request to a web page that you specify. The notification will contain a unique_user_id (as described above) and a unique_link_id. With this information you'll be able to reward your users accordingly. The callback is entirely optional and can be setup at any point by creating a new widget and specifying the url for Plinky to notify. We're happy to guide you through this.