Paid For Links

The simplest way to monetise your website (PPC)

Step 1. Add our Plinky widget to your site

Step 2. Make 5c per unique click through

Ideal for websites that offer a click incentive

You're two simple steps away...

No matter how big or small, Plinky will issue monthly payments of your earnings via PayPal to the email address above.

This 'maximum links' setting above governs the maximum number of links that will be shown on your website, it can be changed later.

When your users click a link, Plinky can automatically send a notification via an 'http post request' to a page you specify above. The notification will contain a field named unique_user_id containing your user's id and another named unique_link_id which contains the unique id of the link your user clicked. With this information, you'll be able to reward your users accordingly. The callback is entirely optional and can be setup later.

Copy and paste the following code into your web site as described below.